The Franco family has worked in the construction industry since last century when in the 50s, Mr. Luce Espedito Franco started excavation activities in southern Italy. STORIA_1
In 1969, the activity became a sole proprietorship named “Impresa Franco Luce Espedito” and collaborated on many occasions with major Italian companies, for which it performed earthworks and laid pipelines for large public contracts.
Many things have changed since then. Over the years, the company matured in terms of size and turnover and was awarded major jobs nationwide. In 2002, it was established with the name "FRANCO S.R.L.", expanding its operations into various sectors of constructions.
Today, in its third generation of constructors, Franco operates with a high degree of reliability thanks to the comprehensive expertise achieved through years of experience, becoming one of the leading companies in the country.
Today, the order planning extends abroad in the area of pipelines and roads, bringing with it the skills and achievements of the past, to look forward to a bright future.